With continuous improvement of TECHNOLOGY, I get to frequently see "Google" in different theme.

 With the growing of TECHNOLOGY,  I get to stay connected with my friends (even those long lost ones) through Facebook. 
(pssttt...pssttt...not only just for communication purposes BUT also as a source of gossips - if you know what I mean)

With the emergence of TECHNOLOGY, I get to download movies, series and songs online without having to step out from the house and travel all the way to purchase "pirated" DVDs & CDs.

Though I am not an IT savvy person and I don't keep up with the latest technology BUT I do know that technology is essential in our daily lives.

Can you imagine living without TECHNOLOGY?

3 Responses
  1. Patricia Says:

    Ask u to debate meh, diu!

  2. Ellen Chan Says:

    Hahaha...I "syiok" leh. How?

  3. WP Says:

    Nice, nice... :D